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Brand Development

Having a firm grasp on your brand’s identity affects every decision your business will make. Our brand development process offers a deep dive into your company’s goals, defines your competitors, identifies your target audience, it gives you your edge — we believe it’s the key to success.


We want to help you create a clear idea of what your company stands for, build your brand’s voice, and then engage your audience with bold and intentional messaging and collateral that will expand your reach in the market. We love this process and will work side by side with the key decision makers in your company to make sure you have a strong foundation from which to grow. 

Logo and Collateral Development | Unique Value Propositions Identification | Positioning Statement Definition | Brand Guidelines

Brand Development
Website Development

Website Development

In this digital age, it is vital that your business has a website that gives your customers a great experience both on the computer and on mobile, tracks your marketing efforts so you can tie them back to ROI, and is secure and easy to maintain so you can easily make changes as needed.


We’ve learned a lot about this area through experience and can work with you in multiple ways. We can design and develop your site from scratch, complete a website audit and improve what you already have going on, or offer consultation on your website needs.

Website Design & Development | Content Planning | SEO Implementation

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Social Media
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Social Media Strategy & Management

Social media often gets short changed because there’s not enough knowledge, manpower, or strategy behind it. We work with both small and large budgets to increase engagement and generate leads across all platforms through targeted ads, fresh messaging, and eye-catching visuals.


Our goal is to arm you with actionable information through consistent reporting so we can work together to craft a strategy that will drive interactions and connect with your audience and, ultimately, increase website traffic and sales. 

Social Media Strategy & Execution | Profile Visual Branding | Content Curation | Paid Advertising | Audience Engagement | Analytics and Monitoring

Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to identify what your goals are before you develop an automated email series or spend money on targeted ads. Whether you are wanting to generate leads, increase sales, or build brand awareness, there are different approaches to each objective and ways to measure success.


We particularly enjoy this aspect of marketing because it requires so much attention to detail and continual monitoring to optimize each ad. Years of experience in this area has made this a strength of ours and we maintain a passion for it by continuing to learn and evolve as companies like Google, Facebook, and Instagram continually update their platforms.

Email Campaigns | Search Campaigns | Geofencing | Programmatic Display Ads | Video Ads | SEO | Reputation Management | Influencer Marketing

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Digital Marketing
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Public Relations

Public Relations is much more than knowing how to create an effective press release. We enjoy this area of marketing because it allows us to connect with old and new contacts at media outlets, find creative ways to get information out to the community, and support your company’s presence by building a story for people to invest in.


Whether you are wanting to tell the world about your new world-class technology, interested in getting people to your charity event or just have a news story you think the community needs to know, we can help you build the strategy and tactics to make it happen.

Press Release and Media Alerts | Crisis Management | Media Relations | Community Relations

Public Relations
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

A great marketing strategy is key to your brand’s success. As your strategic marketing partner, we’ll help you define your brand’s vision, and then use that vision to guide the rest of your marketing endeavors.


Our goal is to help you develop a clear value proposition, fully flesh out your target audience, and then craft messaging that is both reflective of your values and perfectly tailored to that audience. Aside from merely having the professional expertise, we love helping brands with market strategy because it’s truly so critical to your success. And, as always, we want each of our clients to thrive.

Target Audience | Brand Success | Audience Growth | On- Brand Content | Values | Goals | Achievements


Kristin and her team are on top of everything. My business has always been lots of word of mouth but since Kristin started working on my website, SEO, lots of new customers are coming from online searches. I highly recommend Peaks Marketing."

—Allison Blakewell, Founder, Fort Worth Wellness

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